Horizon's Landing

Name: Horizon’s Landing

Alignment and Type: NG Hamlet While there are several different alignments represented in the settlement, the majority of it’s citizens have a neutral and/or good outlook

Modifiers: Corruption -2, Crime -3, Economy -2, Law -3, Lore -3, Society +3

Qualities: Insular The people of the settlement have learned to depend on one another a great deal. Isolated from all they have known, and having no contact yet with other societies, they have become fiercely loyal towards their fellow settlers.

Danger: -5

Disadvantages: None

Government: Council The settlers look to the PCs for leadership. With each PC having their own areas of expertise, and each enjoying a voice in discussions, they serve as an executive council in regards to governing the settlement. In the absence of the PCs, the settlers have developed an interim council under the nominal leadership of Beriana Elorelen.

Population: 24 This number includes the PCs and Rupert Cole, who spends a great deal of time away from the settlement.

Notable NPCs: Beriana Elorelen, Tehya Satinka Beri and Tehya have both become close with the PCs and have become people of note among the settlers.

Base Value and Purchase Limit: Base Value for Available Magic items: 700gp. Purchase Limit for Any Single Item purchased from PCs: 1000gp.

Spellcasting: Highest Level Divine Spells Available: 2nd (Aurora & Eventide Sortilege). Highest Level Arcane Spells Available: 1st (Beriana Elorelen)

Magic Items: 1d6 Minor Items available at any given time. Current Inventory: potion of enlarge person (1st lvl), _scroll of fire trap (3rd lvl), boots of elvenkind, dust of emulation

The hamlet of Horizon’s Landing was founded on 10 Twilight, 30 A.F. by the passengers who had endured the journey across the Araen Ocean aboard ESS Araen Horizon. The tiny settlement was built upon the shore of what had been dubbed Drakken Bay by the adventurers who had emerged as the settlers’ leaders. Though the ship carrying the settlers arrived at the site on 4 Twilight, the hamlet’s first building, a communal hall, was not completed until 10 Twilight, and it is this date that the settlers agreed upon to celebrate as the official founding of Horizon’s Landing.

Horizon's Landing

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