The crafting of non-magical items, and the time it takes to do so, will be determined by the Craft skill DC of the item being made, not the price of the item. The skill DC to create most items is listed under the Craft skill description in the PFRPG Core Rulebook. The skill DC for poisons is determined by the Fort save DC of the poison being crafted, and can be found in the Poisons section of the Core Rulebook. For items listed with a “varied” DC, or items not listed at all, consult with the DM to determine an appropriate DC. The gp cost for crafting an item remains 1/3 of the listed price for that item in raw materials.

When making a skill check to craft an item, if the roll exceeds the DC by 5 or more, the item takes one less day to craft than the expected time. If the skill check is at least double the necessary DC, the time needed to craft the item is halved. Conversely, if the roll fails by 5 or less, that day is wasted and no progress is made for that day. If the skill check fails by more than 5, the raw materials are wasted, and the artisan must pay the initial cost again before retrying the Craft skill. Using the Aid Another action, or otherwise assisting in the creation of an item, may reduce the time needed to craft if the bonus granted raises the skill check high enough above the item’s DC.

The base time to craft an item as determined by the DC assumes that the artisan has the necessary and appropriate tools to craft the item in question, and has a period of 6-8 hours per day to work on the item being crafted. If the artisan has less than 6 hours per day to devote to crafting, on average, the time to craft the item is doubled. If they have more than 8 per day to devote to crafting, on average, the time to craft the item is halved. If the artisan does not have the tools needed to craft the desired items, they should consult with the DM in determining if it is possible to still craft the item, and any penalties that might apply.

Alchemical Items, Poisons, and Basic Equipment
To determine the base time needed to craft most items, divide the item’s DC by 5. The result is the number of days needed to craft the item in question. If the DC is not easily divisible by 5, the time needed should always be rounded up to the next full day.

Armor and Weapons
The time needed to craft armor and shields is adjusted by the armor bonus of the item being crafted. For every +1 of armor bonus, it takes an additional day of crafting to complete the item. Crafting time for weapons is adjusted by the category of weapon being crafted. Simple weapons have no adjustment to the base crafting time. Martial weapons take an additional day, while exotic weapons take an additional 2 days. Double weapons take twice the base time to craft, plus 1 or 2 days for martial or exotic weapons.

Masterwork Items and Special Materials
Masterwork items have a +10 added to the DC of the item being crafted, adding a base of 2 days to the crafting time. Working with special materials adds +5 to the Craft DC, and a base of 1 day to the crafting time. These additions to the DC stack, so that crafting a masterwork item of special materials has a +15 DC and takes 3 days longer than the base time for the item.


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