City of the Syrinx

Once, there was a great highway that cut through the forest to the west of Horizon’s Landing. Built using slave labor and dragon fire, coupled with forgotten magics, these remnants of a bygone Age were once the lifeblood of a vast empire. Millenia later what is left of these roads, along with the waymarkers that once guided travelers to points throughout the land, led a groups of Heroes to a solitary mountain deep in the heart of an immense forest. Rising thousands of feet above the surrounding treetops, the mountain marks the resting place of the last of the Syrinx.

Ripped from a dying world, shifted through time and space, the city of the Syrinx was once a repository for all sorts of information. Alone during the time of the Rising, the Syrinx remained neutral providing information and services to all who approached and could pay the price. The Fall of the Dragon Empires in Ganduil was watched and recorded by the denizens of the city, as was the rise of those who came after. But their neutrality came at a cost. The Syrinx possessed both magic and technology unknown by either side in the Rising, and was coveted by both. When the Empire, in their folly, raised their shield, it cut the city off from much of its magic. Without its magic, much of the technology began to fail, Unhealthily dependent on both, the Syrinx began to die.

The ruling council of Syrinx saw that, instead of preventing their doom, they had only forstalled it. One of their Seers, however, saw a slim possibility that they might be reborn in some distant future. The council crafted a great machine to extend their lives greatly. The machine would, in turn, utilize the last life force of each dying member to further extend the lives of the survivors. In this way, it was hoped that enough of them would survive long enough for that future to become the present. It failed.

When the Heroes reached the city and fought their way past the guardian constructs, only a single Syrinx lived. This being offered up information when asked about the aurora blocking higher magics, as well as using up what small bit of life force remained to the machine to gift the Heroes with boons in the hopes that it would aid them in their quest. Lastly, the Syrinx opened a portal that would instantly transport the Heroes to the source of the aurora. Spent from the effort of this act, the last Syrinx passed shortly after. The city is now empty of life; the mountain, a grave marker on a massive scale.

City of the Syrinx

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