Mythic Lyre of Fascination

A golden lyre enchanted to soothe even the most savage beast

musical instrument

This Masterwork lyre is made of purest gold, and is enchanted to play continuously whenever it is left unattended. Non-mythic creatures within 200 feet of the instrument who hear its song must succeed on a DC 20 Will save or become fascinated as per the bardic ability. Mythic creatures are also affected, but must only succeed on a DC 18 Will save to avoid the lyre’s effect. Mythic creatures may also make an additional save on subsequent rounds to try and break free of the enchantment. The number of additional saves granted is equal to the creature’s Mythic Tier or Rank.

Non-mythic versions of the lyre may be crafted by those with the necessary skills. These lesser versions have a Will save DC of 16, and a range of 150 feet. Mythic creatures are still granted the additional saves to break the enchantment if they fail the initial save.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, enthrall, exquisite accompaniment ; Cost: 12000 gp


Mythic Lyre of Fascination

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