Whale-Speaker and Cleric of Shaelinde


CG Female Altriaesti Ranger 5/Cleric 5 (Shaelinde)


Unlike the vast majority of her species, who are largely content to stay within the territory claimed by the Altriaesti, Zhinnwyfayre is a wanderer at heart. She spends a great deal of time on the Altriaesti frontier and beyond, exploring the seas from the sunlit surface to the deepest trenches. Though considered young by her people, she has traveled further in a single century than most have gone in millennia. Aside from a nearly overwhelming sense of curiosity, Zhinnwyfayre has spoken of a calling she has felt to spread Shaelinde’s peace and grace far and wide.

Zhinnwyfayre is accompanied in her travels by her orca companion, Waveglider. Both can often be found journeying amongst pods of whales as the great beasts migrate along the ocean currents. The grace and and power of these gentle creatures speaks to the young elf, and she claims that amongst the pods is where she feels closest to her goddess. This penchant has earned her the title “Whale-speaker” among others of her kind. To some, this is a term of derision, but to most the title holds great honor as even the long lived Altriaesti have learned to treasure the ancient songs of the great whales.

Zhinnwyfayre is a vital link to the Altriaesti heartland for places such as Vigilance Reef. Her travels bring her into regular contact with the frontier outposts, and she brings with her news of the heartland as well as much-needed healing. Zhinnwyfayre is often the only cleric these outposts see for years, and she spends as much time ministering to their hearts and souls as she does their minds and bodies. Though many clerics might find such work beneath them, Zhinnwyfayre thrives on this intimate contact. After the recent events at Vigilance Reef, Zhinnwyfayre was the first person Arthrawes thought of to speak with the Heroes aboard Araen Horizon. The fact that she was also the most likely cleric he could get in contact with made the decision even easier.

Attitude towards PC’s: Neutral.


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