William Forrest

Laborer, Tradesman, Entrepreneur


N male human Commoner 4/Expert 4


William Forrest is a man of many talents who isn’t afraid of a little hard work to get things done. He has spent most of his life working the forests and mines around Hilltop in Storm Coast. He is a firm supporter of Baron Penderghast and his allies, and has eagerly watched the baron’s reforms start to take shape in the corrupt labor town where he worked hard for little recompense. Unfortunately, those reforms have taken a little longer than William was willing to wait. He doesn’t blame the baron for that. He knows what a morass of filth Hilltop hides, and accepts that cleaning that filth up will take time. He just chose not to wait any longer.

William is certain that given the opportunity, he can run his own life and his own business better and cleaner than the bosses of Hilltop. When he came across the announcement for the Araen Horizon’s journey! he figured that opportunity had come. Gathering up his tools and belongings, and what little money he had, William left Hilltop and made his way to Sunset Bay and his future.

William Forrest

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