The Four Companions

A group of would-be adventurers seeking fortune and glory


Alexander Canis – NG Human Male Aristocrat 1/Warrior 3
Thomas Mitchell – CG Human Male Aristocrat 1/Warrior 3
Alan Hart – LG Human Male Aristocrat 1/Adept 3
Josephina de Angelis – NG Human Female Aristocrat 1/Expert 3


The Four Companions is the name taken by four young aristocrats who have dreams of becoming true adventurers. Growing up together in and around Port Eldritch, they watched as small bands of heroes rebuilt the ruined city and returned it to its former glory. They saw firsthand the fame and glory that came to groups like the Scions and Butterfly’s Teeth, and heard countless tales of other such groups. Dreams and youthful fantasize became more and more pervasive as the friends grew older, and they became more determined to make their own mark on the world.

All four friends are the younger children of well-off families, leaving them with plenty of leisure time and little expectations as to their future. They began learning the ways of the sword and of magic, though all of this was little more than dabbling. They even began going on “adventures”, though again, none of these excursions offered any threat of real or lasting harm. Mostly, their jaunts gave them fun tales to spin for their friends at the tavern afterwards.

The thrill and excitement of carefully selected and relatively safe outings was beginning to wane when word reached the four of the Araen Horizon‘s journey and Baron Penderghast’s proclamation. This was the chance they had been waiting for: a real adventure, away from the safety net of their families. Even the knowledge that it could all end horribly could not dissuade them. The Four Companions said their goodbyes and set off, ready as ever to face the unknown.

The Four Companions

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