Styvyn & Elias Field

Brothers, Farmers, Friends


Styvyn Field: CG Middle Aged Human Commoner 5
Elias Field: NG Middle Aged Human Commoner 5


Styvyn and Elias Field are brothers in their late 40’s who have been farming the area around Shepington in Storm Coast Barony all their lives. Most of this time has been under the thumbs of the Nelthorpe family, local lords who have systematically brought the town and surrounding countryside under their corrupt rule for generations. The Fields have seen this iron rule being broken in the last 5 years by Baron Penderghast and his allies, but Elias and Styvyn had had enough. When the opportunity to find a place to start over came to their attention, the brothers took it. Both gathered up enough supplies to start up a farm, as well as prize animals from their respective farms, and set out for Sunset Bay to board the Araen Horizon

Styvyn is the older brother by 2 years. In addition to food stuffs, Styvyn’s farm raised sheep for both wool and food. When he took his leave, he took four of his best sheep, two rams and two sows, with him to rebuild his flock. A little more happy-go-lucky than his younger brother, Styvyn is an exceedingly friendly man always quick to make friends. His four decades under the rule of the Nelthorpes has left him with little taste for authority, though his good nature offsets this quite a bit.

Elias is a little more reserved than his older brother, though just as good-hearted. Like Styvyn, Elias brought four of his prime animals with him for the journey. In his case, this was pigs, two boars and two sows. Also like Styvyn, Elias’ time under the Nelthorpe clan has left him with a bitter taste toward authority and a subtle distrust of people in general. A good man, Elias can come across as somewhat aloof until one gets to know him.

Styvyn & Elias Field

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