Rupert Cole

A woodsman seeking an escape from civilization


CN Old Human Male Ranger 4


Rupert Cole is a grizzled man in his mid-50’s, a curmudgeonly hermit who has hunted the forests of Storm Coast and neighboring baronies for most of his life. His disdain for the trappings of civilization, and dislike of people as a rule, has given him a fearsome reputation among those he is forced to trade with for goods he cannot build or grow himself. Rupert has done nothing to dissuade this reputation, as it has given him the solitude he craves.

In his younger days, Rupert attempted life as an adventurer. His lack of social graces, coupled with a near hatred for following orders doomed this venture from the start. After only a few short quests and dungeon delves, Rupert left the adventuring life for the quiet of the forests. For a few years, he disappeared completely.

When the Fall happened, Rupert reappeared. He was disgusted with the way the little people were left to fend for themselves while the crown dealt with “larger issues”. He spent the next couple of years roaming the coastal baronies, helping those who needed it. He disdained any reward, and met words of thanks with a gruff snort as he moved on to the next problem. Despite his clear dislike of the people he helped and his savage anger at the entire situation, Rupert built up a great deal of good will in those years. When the crisis ended, Rupert returned to the solitude of the forests. People remembered him, however, and whenever he came to trade, he was met with friendly nods and good prices.

Even among the deep woods and open plains of Elvedon, Rupert has felt what he perceives as growing constraints on his personal freedom in the last few years. Though there is much in the way of wilderness in the Known Lands, civilization’s claims to the lands has grown too much for him, and solitude has grown harder to find. While in town picking up supplies, Rupert saw a broadsheet of Baron Penderghast’s proclamation. Thinking that uncharted lands might allow him to find the freedom and solitude he desires, Rupert gathered up his gear and his hunting dog, Belladonna, and went aboard the Araen Horizon.

Rupert Cole

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