Marilynne Macaulay

First Mate of the Araen Horizon


CG Female Human (Free Cities/Winterhome) Rogue 2/Expert 3


Marilynne Macaulay has sailed with Captain Breakwater for the last 16 years, and has served as his right hand and first mate for half that time. Regardless of changes in ship or crew, Marilynne has remained a constant at Morgrym’s side.

Marilynne was born and raised on the streets of Winterhome, one of the Free Cities on the northern coast of Nordland. A cold and cruel place, ruled by a half-fiend named Indrath Rousse and his daughter Indra, Winterhome rivaled Sarduk’Noir for decadence and depravity. It was here that a young prostitute gave birth to a daughter and sought to give her a better life. Unfortunately for them both, she failed. Marilynne’s mother continued to spiral downward in life, leaving the young girl to fend for herself more often than not. She did this by becoming a skilled and cunning thief at an early age, rather than waiting to be forced i t the same line of work as her mother.

At the age of 12, Marilynne made the mistake of stealing Morgrym Breakwater’s coin pouch. The girl fled, but was followed through alleyways and over rooftops by the tenacious dwarf. The chase ended when Breakwater cornered the girl in a dead-end. Impressed with both her boldness and her skill in negotiating heights, Morgrym offered to take her with him when he next left port. Marilynne hesitated only briefly before agreeing.

Over the next 8 years, Marilynne learned to sail at Morgrym’s feet, ultimately proving her skill and becoming his first mate. When Morgrym was picked to captain the Araen Horizon, there was no question that she would accompany him.

Marilynne Macaulay

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