Manfryd & Millicent Mueller

A young couple out to make their way


Manfryd Mueller: NG male human Commoner 3
Millicent Mueller: NG female human Commoner 3


Manfryd and Millicent are newlyweds, fleeing families whose dislike for one another has fueled a generational feud going back for at least a century. The young lovers chose to defy their families when they wed, and took the first opportunity to get as far away from the feud as possible.

At this point, no one is certain what started the feud. Some claim it was about land, others say it was over a woman. Regardless, the Muellers and the Cartwrights have hated each other for as long as anyone now living can remember. The feud between these two farming families has often turned violent, and once or twice has crossed the line into outright warfare. The families are far enough away from any settlements of note that the fighting has gone largely unnoticed by any authorities. The closest town, Longmeadow, is more than a day’s travel from either family’s farm.

Manfryd and Millicent were both born to this struggle, and raised to hate the other’s family. But once the two met, it was love at first sight. They spent years meeting in secret when they could and hiding their love. When Manfryd saw the broadside poster announcing the Araen Horizon‘s journey while on a trip into Longmeadow, he knew that the gods had answered his and Millicent’s prayers. He got a message to her in secret and the two left their families, and their feud, behind. They were wed as soon as they got to Sunset Bay, and boarded the ship that would take them to new lives far from the blood-stained fields of their youth.

Both are a bit reticent around others. They are backwoods kids far from home for the first time, and they both have long practice keeping their thoughts and feelings secret. Despite this, there is a core of kindness to both of them that shines through the quiet reserve.

Manfryd & Millicent Mueller

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