Li Bao

Second Mate aboard the Araen Horizon


LN Male Human (Yung An) Alchemist 3/Expert 2


Li Bao had the misfortune of sailing aboard a Yungian merchant ship sailing the straits between Nordland and Sudland as a passenger, when the vessel was taken by pirates around the year 22 A.F. The pirates were not inclined to take prisoners, being solely interested in the cargo and 2 Yungian cannon the ship carried. Fearing for his life, Li Bao spoke quickly, offering his services as an alchemist in return for his life. The pirate captain saw the advantages this would give him, and enslaved the frightened young man rather than killing him outright.

Li Bao spent the next five years of his life chained in a ship’s hold, providing his captors with potions and firebombs. As time passed and the pirate’s brutality increased, Li Bao came more and more to regret his momentary panic and subsequent decision. He began dreaming of escape, and was approaching a personal flashpoint when salvation came from an outside source.

The pirates had been ranging further and further, raiding and terrorizing the Nordland coast from Taren’Vel to Elvedon, and grown bolder with each success. Long since having run out of powder, they had nevertheless continued to use the empty cannon to intimidate potential prizes. Eventually, they ran afoul of a captain who refused to be intimidated. Morgrym Breakwater had been sailing cargo from Elvedon’s Port Eldritch to Faerlien Bay in Navanaith when his ship was attacked. Rather than surrender or run, Breakwater bluffed the pirates into following him closer to shore. With superior charts and a greater familiarity with the local waters, Morgrym was able to avoid the rocky shoals that he led the pirate vessel onto. Once it was clear his attackers had foundered, Captain Breakwater turned his ship around and attacked the helpless pirates.

Upon boarding the ship, Morgrym found Li Bao chained in the hold. After hearing his tale, Captain Breakwater offered the Yungian alchemist two choices. He could either take passage to Faerlien Bay, where he would be put ashore with no restrictions to find his own way home, or he could sail with Morgrym as a full member of the dwarven captain’s crew. Seeing a chance to make up for the mistake he had made five years earlier, Li Bao agreed to serve with Breakwater’s crew. He has spent the last three years learning the sailor’s trade, as well as using his alchemical skills to aid his captain and combat piracy. When Morgrym took command of the Araen Horizon he asked Li Bao to come aboard as his second mate, an offer the man gratefully accepted.

Li Bao

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