Jameson Philips

A young blacksmith, eager to make his place in the world


NG Human Male Expert 3


Jameson Philips is the middle son of a fisherman working the coastline off the barony of Storm Coast. While his two brothers followed in their father’s footsteps, helping him to work the nets and lines, Jameson never took to the fishing life. His father lamented this fact, loudly and often, until he noticed a 13-year-old Jameson spending nearly all of his free time watching the smithies working near the docks. The senior Philips arranged for an apprenticeship with a smith he was friendly with, and Jameson has never looked back. Ten years later, Jameson has learned all that he can from his master, and is eager to set up shop on his own. Despite not following his father and brothers into fishing, Jameson has always felt the lure of the sea that calls to his bloodline. Hearing of Baron Penderghast’s proclamation, Jameson is hoping to indulge his fancy for exploration while opening up an entirely new market for his smithing. He signed onto the Araen Horizon’s passenger manifest as soon as he was able.

Jameson Philips

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