Araen Horizon ship's doctor and primary spellcaster


NG Male Half-Elf Druid 5


Baikal was born the son of an elven sailor and a human woman working as a dockside bar maid in Port Eldritch shortly a few years before the Fall. Unfortunately, tragedy would strike the young half-elf early. His father was killed in one of the few naval battles fought during the Taren-Navanaith War, while his mother died in the widespread devastation that was the hallmark of Calimar’s Fall. Orphaned and alone, Baikal found himself in one of the few relatively safe regions of Port Eldritch during those dark days: the park claimed by the local druid’s circle.

Raised as one of their number, Baikal found himself drawn more and more to the sea, rather than the forested park the circle called their home. While helping to maintain and protect the Circle’s home, Baikal also spent a great deal of time down by the Port Eldritch docks. As time and his abilities grew, Baikal felt the tug of the sea more and more. When the Scions began putting the city back together, the half-elf was one of the first to volunteer to work on reinvigorating the docks district, eventually signing on with the North Island Trading Company.

When North Island began putting together a crew for the Araen Horizon, it was decided that a druid’s connections with the natural world would be a good thing. Baikal’s name was at the top of a very short list. When the company offered him the position, the half-elf took no time at all before agreeing.


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