Aurora & Eventide Sortilege

Twin sisters, Clerics of Damion


Aurora Sortilege: NG female human Cleric 4 (Damion, Order of the Heart)
Eventide Sortilege: LE female human Cleric 4 (Quarsith)


Aurora and Eventide Sortilege were born to the temple of Damion. Both of their parents were clergy of the Arcane Deity, and the twin girls were raised within the confines of the great temple located in Elvedon City. Born 10 years after the Fall, almost to the day, the girls came of age while the disparate temple orders were also finding their way. This meant that part of their upbringing and training, Aurora and Eventide were schooled in the debates of what magic was and how it should be used.

Though they raised together, and both knew the love of their parents, the girls chose very different paths. Aurora found her calling in helping others and in the healing arts of the Order of the Heart, while Eventide found herself drawn to the intrigues and power machinations of the Order of Power. Despite these very different outlooks, the girls maintained a very close relationship, which remains strong to this day.

Both saw an opportunity to spread Damion’s word and influence in the Araen Horizon’s journey, if for very different reasons. With the blessings of the temple, as well as their parents, the girls packed up what belongings they have and traveled to Sunset Bay to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

With Quarsith’s ascension to demigod-hood,Eventide recognized in him a divine source that appealed to her nature even more than Damion. After speaking with Quarsith, and praying with him, she was accepted by him as a cleric in his name. This act seems to have the blessings of Damion, and represents the official founding of the Church of Quarsith.

Aurora & Eventide Sortilege

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