Altriaesti Commander of the Vigilance Reef outpost


CG Male Altriaesti Aristocrat 2/Warrior 6


Arthrawes is a calm and competent commander, leader of the small force the Altiaesti have permanently stationed at Vigilance Reef. The reef represents one of the northernmost outposts of the Altriaesti people, and Arthrawes and the soldiers under his command are quite used to operating on their own. In the absence of any true orders, Arthrawes often falls back on the scriptures and legends of his people in regards to the dangerous waters that he patrols. As both of these sources are rather vague about the specific dangers, Arthrawes finds a great deal of frustration gnawing at the edges of his naturally calm demeanor. This is especially true of the cave network that is the outpost is ultimately tasked with guarding. Vague about the actual dangers that these caves represent the scriptures and laws are quite specific about the proscription on entering them.

While Arthrawes has a somewhat loose interpretation of the law (one of the reasons he finds himself on the Altriaesti frontier), he finds this particular law worth following. In his many years upon Vigilance Reef, he has seen firsthand the corrupting effect the caves have on anything dwelling within them. This corruption is worse when coupled with any hint of intelligence, and Arthrawes has no desire to subject either his men or himself to whatever malevolence guides that corruption. Instead, he has aggressively worked to ensure that the seas around the caves remain unsettled by any of the undersea civilizations. The recent Grindylow infestation represents his greatest failing in several decades of service upon the reef, and he is quietly furious with himself for allowing it to happen.

After the events that led to the abduction and aid of the Araen Horizon, Arthrawes has become much more proactive. He has positioned scouts and forward guards as close to the cave entrances as he dares, and he has sent a full report back to the Altriaesti capital. Included in this report is the suggestion that the scriptures regarding the caves be re-examined carefully, in the hopes of finding out more about the dangers within and how to better combat it.

Attitude Towards PC’s: Friendly. Arthrawes is extremely grateful to the PC’s for freeing his people and for destroying the Grindylow threat. Though his influence is limited, he will happily wield it in the PC’s favor if asked.


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