Traveler's Guides

Traveler’s Guides are a series of writings that detail the lands and the races of the Known Lands. They are written by the half-elven bard known simply as Traveler.

As his name suggests, Traveler has spent several decades wandering the Known Lands and writing of the things he sees. His major works are treatises about the human and non-human nations that make up Nordland and Sudland, and about the major races of the dwarves, elves, and humans. These books are collections explaining the history, customs, and local legends of the Known Lands and their peoples.

Traveler has also penned smaller books regarding the other races, free lands, and pseudo-political groupings not affiliated with the nations of the three major races.

Traveler and his works are recognized throughout the Known Lands, and he is welcomed almost everywhere. Even in those regions where his presence is not accepted by the local powers, Traveler has numerous allies willing to aid or hide him as necessary. His writings are constantly being updated as he travels, and many of his books have gone through seen at least one new edition since The Fall.

On Barbarians
On Elves
On Gnomes

Traveler's Guides

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