Timeline of Campaign Events

15 Faedance, 30 AF: Quarsith Mournwyn and Talars’argt leave Oleth’delmah and begin their journey to the surface.

21 Faedance, 30 AF: Mournwyn and Talars’argt journey through The Cold Caverns.

28 Faedance, 30 AF: Mournwyn and Talars’argt reach the surface. Arrival at Miner’s March.

8 Midyar, 30 AF: Desmond Daziel, Zazumet Zilcheron, and Tolfgar Shieldbreaker arrive in Sunset Bay.

9 Midyar, 30 AF: Daziel, Zazumet and Tolfgar find The Sea Hag’s Lair. Mournwyn and Talars’argt arrive in Sunset Bay.

11 Midyar, 30 AF: Daziel, Zazumet, and Tolfgar track down and confront The Sea Snakes.

14 Midyar, 30 AF: Zane arrives in Sunset Bay.

15 Midyar, 30 AF: ESS Araen Horizon sets sail and departs Sunset Bay on her maiden voyage.

17 Midyar, 30 AF: Battle at the Dragontomb Isles.

1-3 Bloodstain, 30 AF: Discovery of a massive hurricane near the center of the Araen Sea. Passage through the storm costs the ship a mast and 4 crew members.

4 Bloodstain, 30 AF: A mysterious island is discovered at the eye of the hurricane. Pathway to Ascension.

28 Bloodstain, 30 AF: Journeying through a mist-shrouded stretch of ocean, the Araen Horizon is attacked by Grindylow cultists. Beneath the Darkened Waves.

4 Twilight, 30 AF: Land is sighted. The Araen Horizon makes landfall on Ganduil.

Timeline of Campaign Events

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