Other Lands - Knowledge (Geography)

DC 10: Legends tell of several lands far beyond the shores of the Known Lands of Nordland and Sudland. Little is known about these faraway places, but their existence is accepted as fact by scholars and storytellers alike. A map showing the approximate locations of these unknown continents is said to exist, but rumors vary as to where the map might be.

DC 15: The existence of other continents was first confirmed by the Taren diviner Stefan Eidelweiss in the year 1853, Third Age. Using a variety of divination magics, Stefan was able to map out approximate locations of these other lands in relation to the Known Lands. Unfortunately, it was shortly after this discovery that Stefan was caught in the destruction of the Alcarin Gurth, or Great Death. The wave of uncontrolled magic that would change the face and the future of Taren’Vel claimed the life of Stefan Eidelweiss and destroyed his research, including the maps he had produced. All that remains are the names he gave to the continents he discovered, and even those exist only in the most obscure bard’s tales

DC 20: The tales that speak of these other lands give them many names, some more imaginative than others. Four names, however, seem to crop up more regularly than any others, and it is thought by scholars that these are the names that Stefan Eidelweiss gave to his discoveries. These names are Ganduil, Kelu, Calith, and Veksi. Stories about what these lands are like are pure conjecture, and should not be considered reliable for anything beyond an evening’s entertainment.

DC 25: Stefan’s magics revealed the existence of four other continents. Two of these, Ganduil and Kelu, were close neighbors of one another, located across the Araen and Amber Seas west of the Known Lands. A third, Calith, was northeast of Yung An, across the Sea of Dawn. The last, Veksi, lay far to the southeast of Sarduk’Noir, on the far side of the Sea of Inhlen. Beyond this basic knowledge of their approximate location, nothing else is known about these distant lands.

Other Lands - Knowledge (Geography)

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