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The year 30 AF was an auspicious one for the Barony of Storm Coast, located on the western coast of Elvedon. Five years under Baron Ethan Penderghast had seen a significant rise in the region’s fortunes. The baron and his adventuring companions had done much to increase the safety and security of the area under their control, prompting a spike in the population. Durak the dwarf had established a well-trained and incorruptible guard force that regularly patrolled the roads and highways, while the half-orc Turaka had seized control of the region’s underworld and reshaped it to better protect the towns and villages. The North Island Trading Company and it’s associated shipyards, headed by the half-elf known as Trapper, brought wealth and prestige to the barony.

The young baron himself, Ethan, had done much to keep taxes reasonable while still doing much to improve his domain’s infrastructure. In addition, he had founded a fighting school, reintroducing the ancient Elvedonian dueling style known as Circle-Dancing, becoming the form’s first Grand Master in several centuries. The exploits of he and his companions had made them valued members of the Queen’s court. The House of Penderghast, so long associated with venal corruption, had instead become a shining example of what Elvedonian nobility could be.

Now Ethan seeks, with the Queen’s blessing, to bankroll an expedition to see what lies beyond the western horizon and across the Araen Sea. The success or failure of this adventure depends solely on the crew and passengers of the North Island’s newest vessel: the ESS Araen Horizon.

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