Character Creation

Starting Level, Character Race and Class

All characters will start at 4th level. All core races and classes are available as starting characters. Character races and classes from other PFRPG sourcebooks are available with GM permission. Please email GM privately to discuss these options if desired.

Ability Scores

All abilities begin with a score of 10. Players each receive 20 points with which to increase abilities. More points can be gained by lowering an ability below 10. No abilities may be reduced below 7 or increased above 18, though racial modifiers may surpass these limits. Ability score costs are as follows:

7: -4
8: -2
9: -1
10: 0
11: 1
12: 2
13: 3
14: 5
15: 7
16: 10
17: 13
18: 17

Hit Points

Characters will begin play with a number of hit points equal to maximum hit die at first level, plus the high average for their class’ hit die for each subsequent level. For example, a 4th level fighter would receive 10 hit points for 1st level, plus 6 hit points each for levels 2-4 (d10 hit die, avg. of 5, high avg. of 6). Constitution ability modifiers, if any, are applied as normal.

Starting Money/Equipment

Characters begin play with 1,650gp,or the equivalent in equipment. Equipment may be bought in the following categories up to the stated amounts:

Weapons:. 650gp
Protection: 700gp
Magic:. n/a
Limited Use: 100gp
Gear:. 200gp

Protection includes armor, shields, and any magic items that affect a character’s armor class. Limited Use items include alchemical gear, potions, scrolls, wands, and any single-use or charged wondrous items.

The amounts listed are not set in stone, and may be transferred between categories, so long as the total amount of gear and/or coin does not exceed 1,650gp. For instance, a wizard desires a pair of bracers of armor +1. Not needing much in the way of weapons, the player transfers 300gp from the weapons category to the protection category, giving him the necessary 1,000gp to buy the bracers. He now has only 350gp to spend on weapons.

Any questions regarding what gear is available, magical or otherwise, should be directed to the GM.


Traits are minor abilities that characters possess, based on their race, background, or major events that have occurred over the course of their adventures. Partially a role-playing device, and partially a game mechanic, traits can provide skill bonuses under certain circumstances, or provide other boons to characters. Traits are not quite as powerful as Feats, nor are they intended to be.

Each character begins with two traits. Traits are located in the Advanced Player’s Guide, and should be approved by the GM when chosen. Alternatively, the GM can create traits tailored more toward specific characters. If this is desired, please contact the GM privately. Additional traits may be awarded through gameplay.

Character Creation

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