Finnegan's Journals

Four apparently blank volumes that hold a wealth of secrets


These four books radiate a strong transmutation aura tinged with faint necromancy, though the exact spell(s) used in their manufacture remain unknown. Using a spell or spells of his own creation, Finnegan enchanted these four tomes to record an to hide his innermost thoughts. An illusion effect found on the books at their recent discovery was a one-time trigger, and that particular enchantment is no longer present upon the journals.

Anyone wishing to use these books as their own must first claim them. To do this, the would-be owner must pierce the flesh of his hand and press it palm-down against the book’s title page for 1 minute. The wound must continue to bleed for the full minute, causing at least 10 hit points worth of damage. Once this is done, the book recognizes this person as it’s rightful owner. This small ritual must be done separately for each book.

Once a book has been claimed, anything written by a previous owner is lost. The book’s new owner can utilize the book without ill effect. Anything written in the book will be remembered and stored, though the words will fade into the page and disappear. The book’s owner can recall the information at any time by writing the date of the original transcription at the top of a page, at which time the desired entry will appear on the page.

Anyone other than the book’s owner who wishes to access the information stored in a book must be prepared to sacrifice some small bit of themselves to pay for it. Using a quill or other suitable writing implement, the reader must pierce their own flesh and place their blood against the page. When this is done, any words written on the page will appear. So long as the reader’s blood continues to flow, the words continue to appear. As soon as the bleed effect ends for any reason, the page becomes blank immediately. If the reader knows the date of the information they seek, they may write this at the top of the page and that entry will appear. Otherwise,the book will start at the page’s first entry and continue linearly until the reader’s bleed effect ends.

Each of the four journals is 100 pages in length. Each page is enchanted to hold 10 entries. Should an 11th entry be added to a page, the oldest entry will be lost to make room for the newest one.


Finnegan's Journals

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