Finnegan's Hope

An extremely well-crafted longsword made of a green-tinted steel alloy

weapon (melee)

+1 ghost touch Baatorian Green Steel Longsword


This sword was forged by the mad magus known as Finnegan around the year 2300, Third Age. Finnegan had fallen under the sway of a mysterious and malevolent crystal and sought a way to free himself from its magical enslavement. The sword was forged secretly, during the few times when the crystal’s influence was felt the least and Finnegan’s lucidity was reasonably complete. Though Finnegan was ultimately unsuccessful in his attempt to destroy the crystal, the sword was undamaged and lay forgotten in Finnegan’s tower for nearly two centuries

Finnegan’s Hope was crafted of a unique alloy, blending Baatorian green steel, adamantine, and living steel. The metal was infused with the tears of a lovelorn Erinyes and the blood of a pregnant Ghaele. It was forged by the flames of a Phoenix, and the metal was quenched in elemental waters.

The magical enchantments were placed on the finished blade by Finnegan, but the detail that went into the creation of the sword was the more important part. The sword was infused with a nearly unassailable neutrality by the tears and the blood of the opposing outsiders. The flames of the Phoenix tilted the axis just slightly towards good, while the elemental waters helped bond the alloy’s components with an otherworldly strength, making the blade all but unbreakable. Most importantly, all of the elements were strong links to life and love. As the crystal was a thing of ultimate death and destruction, Finnegan hoped that this last property would be the key to the sword’s success against the crystal.

Though Finnegan failed to destroy the crystal, the failure was not on the part of the sword. Finnegan had been sufficiently weakened by the crystal over his long enslavement to it, so that it was a simple thing for it to merely claim what was left of his soul. When ultimately wielded against the crystal, the blade proved to be more than sufficient.

Though it is a longsword, and thus is able to be wielded by anyone proficient in martial weapons, Finnegan’s Hope is considered an exotic weapon, and only someone who chooses to take an Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat can hope to unlock all of the blade’s potential. Further feats taken towards mastering the weapon will unlock even more properties, as listed below. These properties are in addition to the normal benefits associated with the listed feats.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency: The wielder has learned to utilize the weapon’s unique design and balance to greater effect. If this feat is taken, the wielder gains a Strength bonus to damage equal to 1-1/2 times his Strength modifier, even when wielding the weapon in on hand. When using the weapon with two hands, the damage bonus is equal to twice the wielder’s Strength modifier.

Weapon Focus: Due to the elements that went into it’s construction, Finnegan’s Hope seems especially well fitted toward the protection of others. When using the Aid Another combat action, the wielder can add their Weapon Focus modifier, as well as the weapon’s enhancement bonus, to the standard +2 granted by Aid Another. The entire bonus must be granted to either the beneficiary’s next attack roll, or to her AC. It cannot be split up between them.

Weapon Specialization: The sword’s original purpose begins to show itself at this point. When wielded against Neutral Evil outsiders or against constructs, the weapon does x3 damage on a critical hit, rather than the standard x2.

Greater Weapon Focus: At this point, the wielder has studied the ways the sword moves in his hand and the specifics of its forging nearly completely, enabling him to access each element of the weapon’s alloy. The sword can bypass Damage Reduction as if it were an adamantine weapon, and repairs damage to itself at a rate of 2 hit points per day. If the weapon gains the broken condition, it repairs itself at a rate of 1 hit point per day.

Greater Weapon Specialization: The wielder has learned to gain the maximum amount of damage out of the sword, when using it against specific enemies. When wielded against Neutral Evil outsiders, or against constructs, Finnegan’s Hope does double damage on a successful attack. If she scores a successful critical hit, the wielder gains a damage multiplier of x5. This multiplier is instead of the x3 granted by Weapon Specialization, not in addition to.

Finnegan’s Hope is an artifact, the specifics of its creation lost with the death of the Mad Mage. Because of the alloy used, as well as the magics that infuse the blade, the sword is virtually impossible to destroy. Currently, there is no known way to ensure this destruction.

Finnegan's Hope

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