Morgrym Breakwater

Captain of the Araen Horizon


LG Male Wavebreaker Dwarf, Expert 7 (sailor, merchant)


When it came time to choose a captain for the Araen Horizon‘s expedition, the political backers had only one requirement: that the captain be a dwarf of the Wavebreaker great-clan. With that proviso in mind, North Island Trading Company knew exactly who they wanted. Morgrym Breakwater had been sailing up and down the coast of Nordland for his entire adult life. He had spent the last five years captaining one of North Island’s merchant ships on the northern run from Elvedon to Yung An. The ice-filled waters of the Glacial Ocean were extremely treacherous, and Captain Breakwater had proven time and again to be more than up to the task. Additionally, the dwarven captain had shown himself to be a skilled negotiator and trader as well. No other captain in North Island’s employ or within the company’s sphere of influence came close to matching Morgrym’s qualifications. When he was approached with the offer to sail across the sea, Captain Breakwater didn’t hesitate to take the post.

Morgrym Breakwater

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