Bracchus Pickett

A Half-Orc seeking a chance and a home


LN male half-orc Commoner 6/Expert 2


All Bracchus Pickett has ever asked for is a fair deal. Unfortunately due to the circumstances of his birth, this was harder to come by than it should have been. The product of brutality during the Orc Wars around Miner’s March, Bracchus was only ever seen as a bastard and a monster. His strength was good in the mines, and when timber needed clearing, but when the work was done Bracchus was met with anger and derision. Knowing that he would never know anything more if he stayed, Bracchus left the March as soon as he could.

For years, Bracchus wandered the countryside, offering his services to those who would pay him a fair wage and treat him as an equal to the other workers. Time after time, however, something would go wrong or someone would get hurt, and it would be the half-orc who took the blame. Were any of these circumstances his fault, Bracchus might not have had any issues. But they rarely, if ever, were. And so, he moved on.

Bracchus was working as a stevedore on the docks of Sunset Bay when Baron Penderghast’s announcement was made regarding the Araen Horizon. He had settled in fairly well amongst the dock workers here, but knew that ultimately, his lineage would keep him from rising very high within the guilds that ruled Sunset Bay’s docks. Bracchus made the choice to forge his own destiny, for good or ill, and signed on with the passengers of the Horizon. If there was a fair deal to be had, perhaps it lay on the other side of the ocean.

Bracchus Pickett

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