Beriana Elorelen

An aspiring author and lore-seeker


CG half-elven female bard 3

Attitude towards PC’s: Friendly

Boon: So long as Beriana has an attitude of Friendly or above towards the PC’s, she can provide one of the two following boons. Only one boon may be provided at any given time, and which one may be provided is determined by both the needs of the party and the circumstances the party might find themselves in at any given time.
A Little Knowledge: Beriana can pass along a small bit of lore or gossip that grants a +2 circumstance bonus on a PC’s next Knowledge (history or local) check.
A Worthy Tale: Beriana can write and publish a song or story lauding the PCs and their accomplishments, granting them a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks for 1 week.


Beriana Elorelen, or “Berry” as her friends call her, grew up in the capital city of Elvedon. Her beginnings were common enough: her mother was a server at a local inn and tavern who met an elven traveler who had stopped for the night. The two were attracted to one another and shared a night of passion. Berry as the result. Though she has never known, nor even met, her father, the young girl never lacked for male role-models, both good and bad. Her mother was well-liked by both the staff and patronage of the inn where she worked, and that attitude was carried over towards her daughter. It helped that Berry was a friendly and outgoing child, always willing to lend a hand, especially when she got older and was able to do some real work around the inn. When she was not helping out, Berry could usually be found sitting quietly at a table, absorbing the tall tales told by the regulars and old-timers. On nights when performers graced the tavern, the girl would hang on every word and nuance of their performances.

Berry’s life changed when the bard known as Traveler spent a night at the inn. Berry had resigned herself to following in her mother’s footsteps, but hearing Traveler’s stories and songs awoke something in her that no other performer had quite been able to touch. Berry continued to help out around the tavern, but she also began offering her services to nearby adventuring parties. After each such foray, she would chronicle the group’s exploits and publish the work, always sharing any profits with whatever group she had journeyed with. When she heard the proclamation of the Araen Horizon’s journey, Berry jumped at the chance to be the first to chronicle whatever they might find.

Beriana Elorelen

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