Antal and Irlana Leagallow

Merchants by trade. Purveyors of antiquities, curiosities, and other fine goods


Antal Leagallow: N halfling male expert 3
Irlana Leagallow: CG halfling female expert 3


Antal and Irlana Leagallow have traded up and down the coast of Elvedon for years. Operating out of a large wagon and several tents, the halfling couple move from town to town buying and selling whatever wares come their way, whether those wares be mundane items (pots, lanterns, etc) or an adventuring party’s latest dungeon haul. The length of their stay depends on how business is, but is never shorter than a week, and rarely longer than a month

Antal is a shrewd businessman, never paying more for an item than he has to, and doing his level best to squeeze every last copper piece from potential buyers. He enjoys the art of the haggle, and will gleefully sit for hours exchanging insults and negotiating prices with a customer. Rarely, if ever, does the haggling process end in the buyer’s favor, but part of Antal’s skill seems to be in making the customer feel they got a bargain, even as he takes just a little bi more than the item’s worth.

Irlana’s shrewdness is just as keen, but lies in the reading of people, rather than the value of items. While her husband would happily sell anything to anyone, Irlana tries hard to keep more dangerous items out of the hands of people whose motivations she finds suspect. She and Antal have developed an intricate code of gestures and seemingly innocuous phrases they use to communicate her suspicions without the customer’s knowledge. Antal does not always take Irlana’s advice, but he often does and his prices are always affected by his wife’s intuition. Irlana is a skilled cook, a good seamstress, and a excellent hostess when the couple has company. Many regular customers come more to chat with her and sample her baking than they do to buy trinkets from Antal’s wagon.

Lately, the couple had felt a desire to open new markets, and possibly to settle down somewhere to open a regular shop. Hearing of the Araen Horizon’s voyage, they decided to take a chance. Selling off their wagon and most of their wares, Antal and Irlana booked passage on the ship, ready for new adventure.

Antal and Irlana Leagallow

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