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Beriana.jpg From the Journals of Beriana Eloran:

17 Twilight, 30 A.F.

It has been a relatively quiet, but all together interesting week. It began on the 10th, when the Horizon returned from exploring the outlying islands. The settlers threw a party that night in celebration of our arrival, complete with bonfire. Tehya, the clanswoman who had attached herself to Tolfgar, told the tale of what the group of adventurers had found on the islands. She did quite well with it, too. There is some talent there. Perhaps I should speak with her, see if she would be interested in…

No. Focus, Beri.

The next day, the group met with several of the settlers and began making plans with them to grow our little thorp into something worth mentioning. It was a pleasant sensation, to feel as if we were truly going to build new homes and new lives here, and that nothing was going to stand in our way. Zazumet met with Antal and Irlana Leagallow to sell off the treasures the group had returned from. The age of everything is enticing, and I hope to speak with Irlana about examining them more closely. While Zazumet was doing that, I observed Quarsith speaking with the sisters, Aurora & Eventide Sortilege regarding the building of a shrine to Damion. Ultimately, the hope is to build this into an actual temple, but for now a shrine will suffice. Tolfgar also set up a shrine, this one to the goddess Verina who aided us on our journey.
Tolfgar and Zane also spoke with the craftsmen who made the crossing with us about building more dwellings, along with a forge. Bracchus Pickett and William Forrest spoke of beginning a logging operation, working with Zazumet on the best way to get the logs to town and keeping them from floating out to sea.

When not speaking with the settlers, Quarsith and Talars’argt worked with Daziel to learn more about the land we found ourselves in, and the mysterious aurora that cloaked our new home. Daziel spoke with the stones, while Quarsith used minor magics to gain more insight into the aurora. Talars’argt, as always, loomed menacingly behind his fellow Firaliesti. Zazumet and Tolfgar traveled a bit upriver to better plan for the logging when they ran into the Field brothers and the Muellers. The four had been surveying land for farming when they were attacked by a nest of dire weasels. Tolfgar sent Tehya back to “town” to gather the rest of their companions, and the group moved to quickly dispatch the creatures. They returned with four young dire weasels that Talars’argt and Tolfgar began training as guard animals.

The group turned their attentions to the nearby forest, and it was here that things became interesting. For the first time since arriving here, they encountered a native intelligent species. The forest was home to a clan of faerie dragons, who spent some time teasing and toying with the group before asking them to return three days hence. Upon their return, the group met with an extremely ancient faerie dragon, called The Elder by the others of his kind. If what he says is true, Elder is an understatement. He spoke of being a hatchling during a great uprising against the Dragon Empires who ruled here long ago. Presuming this uprising occurred around the time that the Second Dragon Wars took place back home, this Elder is multiple millennia in age.

Regardless, after negotiating a deal to allow Bracchus and William to harvest the lumber we need, the Elder was able to provide information of some use to the adventurers. He spoke of peoples to both the east and west of our landing site, as well as giving a bit more information about the aurora. He urged the group to seek out someone (someones?) called the Syrinx who might aid them in their quest to cull the aurora’s influence on local magics.
The group returned to town with renewed purpose. They took a day to make certain that the plans they had made with the settlers were in place and, to my extreme surprise, named me as town leader in their absence. I have no idea if I am capable of such a thing, but I cannot help but feel gracious about their confidence in me. Hopefully, I will not get us all killed attempting to live up to that confidence.

Captain Breakwater gave them passage across the bay to the mainland before he, too, departed. The Araen Horizon is headed back to Elvedon. If all goes well on their journey home, it will be at least six months before we see them again. I pray to whatever gods may watch over us…help us survive. Help us thrive. Help us live.


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