Be It Hereby Known!

Baron Ethan Penderghast, Lord of Storm Coast by Royal Decree, has Hereby Issued the Following Charter.

By the authority vested in me by Katarina, Queen of Elvedon, and the grace of Her will, the North Island Trading Company and Shipyard is directed as follows.

First, to build, crew, and supply a sailing vessel capable of sailing West beyond sight of Elvedon’s shores for a period of no less than four months.

Second, to enlist the aid of no more than two dozen hardy souls, adventurous enough to sail with the aforementioned vessel.

The purpose of this venture is discovery and exploration of lands beyond Nordland and Sudland, and to further our knowledge and understanding beyond the Known Lands. Though the Crown and the Barony of Storm Coast have underwritten this venture, they have done so with no Imperial designs, nor with any interest beyond the academic desire for knowledge, and the call of adventure.

To those hardy souls who would answer this call, I wish you luck, and the grace of whichever gods you hold dear.